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Maxeler Technologies is managed by an experienced executive team and board of directors,
supported by a strong team of company advisors.

Management Team

Board of Directors


Maxeler Technologies is proud to be supported by a strong team of advisors from industry and academia.

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Oskar Mencer


Oskar Mencer is the Founder and CEO of Maxeler, affiliated with the Computing Department at Imperial College London and Member of Academia Europaea. Oskar is driving the deployment of operational excellence for data processing via a new science of Multiscale Dataflow Computing and Space-Time-Value discretization. Prior to Maxeler, Oskar was in Computing Sciences (1127) at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, Stanford University and Hitachi Central Research Laboratories in Tokyo. Oskar received two Best Paper Awards, an Imperial College Research Excellence Award in 2007 and a Special Award from Com.sult in 2012 for "revolutionising the world of computers".

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Michael J. Flynn

Chairman Emeritus

Michael J. Flynn, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, is best-known for the [SIMD, SISD, MISD, MIMD] classification and the first detailed discussion of super scalar design. He was founder and senior consultant to Palyn Associates, a leading computer design company; founder and Vice President of American Supercomputers; and a partner at Paragon Partners, a venture capital partnership. Prof. Flynn received the IEEE/ACM Eckert-Mauchley and Harry Goode Memorial Awards in 1992 and 1995, respectively.

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Georgi Gaydadjiev

Director of Maxeler IoT-Labs

Georgi Gaydadjiev has a long lasting experience in designing various computer systems in both Industry and Academia for over 30 years. Georgi contributed to the development and research of various computing systems ranging from tiny embedded (implantable) devices up to large-scale HPC systems. With Internet of Things currently exceeding 100 billion of highly heterogeneous devices delivering massive amounts of data carried by various streams, innovative approaches are needed for the edge, the gateway and the back-end of cloud computing. Maxeler's dataflow technology is the right answer for processing data streams close to the source, in flight as well as at the back-end and is the only way to deliver the required levels of performance, energy efficiency, security and economic cost for each specific application. Prior to Maxeler Georgi held a Chaired Professorship in Computer Systems Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden until May 2015 and currently is affiliated with the Department of Computing at Imperial College in London and Computer Science and Engineering at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Georgi has three Best Paper Awards (ICS-10, USENIX/SAGE-06), one of his projects won CES Design & Engineering Showcase Award in 1999 and his academic research for the last 17 years was funded by the European Commission, National Agencies in the Netherlands, Sweden, UK and Google Inc. in USA.

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Jason Poirier


Jason is Director of Growth Strategy and Ventures Investment at Juniper Networks. In his current role Mr. Poirier drives Juniper's long term growth strategy and venture investment in the areas of Cloud, Networking SW Orchestration & Automation and IoT. Over his 25 plus years of experience in the networking industry Mr. Poirier has held various Strategy, Product Management, and Marketing leadership roles. Jason holds multiple patents in networking and communications technologies and is a graduate of Clarkson University, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering & Management.

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Robert J. Odell

Company Secretary

Robert has been the Company's legal counsel and a key advisor since its inception in 2003. For the past fourteen years, he has been both an entrepreneur and General Counsel to numerous privately held companies, including as a founding executive of Bigfoot Interactive, Inc., an email marketing software and services company sold to Alliance Data Systems (NYSE: ADS) for $120MM in 2005. Most recently, he was a co-founder of one of the largest operators of multi-family housing in New York City, and also served as its general counsel. He currently operates a private consulting business in New York City. Mr. Odell received his J.D. from the New York University School of Law and his B.A. magna cum laude from Cornell University.

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Pierre Lussato


Pierre is a Managing Partner at Galaxis Capital in London where he oversees the firm's investment in Maxeler Technologies. He also serves as a Senior Advisor to several UK and US based private equity firms. He was previously a Director at Lehman Brothers and Robertson Stephens International, the San Francisco based Technology bank where he was raising venture capital funding for private European companies. Pierre holds an MBA from Insead and a BA from Babson College. Pierre is also the Treasurer of Little Hand Children Foundation, a UK based non-profit organisation.