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Real-time data on Markets called for from the ONS

September 05, 2017 London, UK

Recent calls to change the way that statistics have been released have come from the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) following a report in the Wall Street Journal. (WSJ).

The article in the WSJ alleges that it found markets were moving ahead of the release of official ONS data in a way that is consistent with leaks.

This has led to calls from the ASI to reform the way data is ‘pre-released’ to certain groups who may have leaked it.The ASI said: "An alternative option would be to make the process entirely open, so that the public (and the markets) can see ONS data in real-time as it is generated, and markets can price in new information immediately and openly,"

In order to do this the ONS would need to process the data ‘as it is generated’. Maxeler working with Bloomberg data has produced real time risk dashboards that can process enormous quantities of data with ultra low latency in real time to give traders a competitive advantage in this field.

With its Amazon F1 based instances or with its data centre appliances, Maxeler has the technology and experience to provide the ONS with the capability asked for by ASI. Having recently joined the UK Government’s G-Cloud, Maxeler Technology stands ready to support the ONS and the UK Government with all real time computing needs.

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